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Doc Jones (Rhythm Guitar, Piano, ASCAP Composer)
Studio Recording Artist, Teacher, Arranger
Producer/Band Leader Doc Jones and The Medicine Men

HealthyMusic.org is the Internet domain for full-time and part-time professional musicians, including composers, lyricists, singers, teachers, songwriters, copyists, choreographers, studio, sound recording engineers, instrumental manufacturers and performers, including the vast and broadening spectrum of musical audiences.

Of special interest to us is the music within each person, and how to make sure that each person can tap into it, so that they too can express their own music, without limitation, while also appreciating music that is produced for their consumption, by other artists and by musical companies and industries.

We offer virtually instant access to the tools and exposure necessary for professional expression with unlimited connections to full and part-time performers, all of whom have recorded, and/or performed live with some of the world's greatest artists.
Our new and innovative styles, techniques, and teaching tools and methods at HealthyMusic.org, have already become an open door to some of the brightest hopes and greatest expectations in this field. By discovering for nearly everyone the most direct instruction path, and/or the other necessities and intangibles toward professionalism in this field, many of the inner musical artists (You) will realize that it is never too late to share the professional stage in music.

For persons who endeavor to play an instrument, HealthyMusic.org specializes in teaching students to play the piano and the guitar, in a few minutes, as means to expedite your musical journey.
We invite each visitor to HealthyMusic.org to explore what we have to offer now and to revisit our website as we grow.

Visit www.cdbaby.com/docjones for sample musical selections or purchases.